Oil Heating Pumps


Suntec Fuel Pumps

We offer the complete line of Model A,B,J,H Fuel Pumps from Suntec

  • 3 Year Warranty - 7 G.P.H or less
  • 2 Year Warranty - 7 G.P.H or more
  • See the Technical Resources Section on the left for Substitution and Model Selection Information
Suntec Fuel Pumps

Danfoss Fuel Pumps

We offer Danfoss BFP 1151 to 1158 Fuel Pumps

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Specify for either 1725rpm or 3450rpm
  • Clockwise or Counterclockwise
  • Left and Right hand nozzle ports
  • Internal bleed, automatically converts from one to two pipe system with no plug required
  • High Lift Capactity


Danfoss Fuel Pumps



Suntec Boost Pumps

  • Pump: Most Boost pumps have a 1-20PSI pressure range
  • Bracket: The rugged grey casting is presicely machines to align the pump and a standard 48M burner motor
  • Adapter Plate: Allows the use of a 48N frame motor
  • Motor: Standard 2-lug, 115-1-60 motor
  • Coupling: Direct drive, flexible, oil resistant coupling for long life and quiet operation

Suntec Boost Pumps

Mitco Portable Pump Sets

General purpose transfer pumps suitable for light or heavy oil. Other
capacities with or without regulating valve available upon request.

  • Max Discharge Pressure: 300 psi
  • 115 volts

Mitco Portable Pump Sets


Mitco Central Oil Supply System

A simple and practical oil supply system for single or
multiple burners located in suspended heating equipment.

  • Simple, Pumping is direct, with no bypass, stand pipes, or regulating valves.
  • Makes troubleshooting easy.
  • Least expensive, Comes complete with all fittings needed for a fast and neat installation.
  • See diagram in "Technical Resources" section on the left for more info



P239-2M: 24 gph pump only
P239-9M: Pump and motor set
for 24 gph model
P239-10M: Vent
P239-11M: Oil supply switch
P239-14M: Tank and fittings
P239-15M: Check valve assembly
P239-16M: Hanger strap
P239-17M: Steel mounting base






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Suntec PRV-OSV Valves

  • Fuels - Suitable for kerosene, No. 1 or No. 2 Fuel Oil
  • Startup - can be manually bled or primed during start up
  • Operation - Requires fuel unit to provide vacuum to open and make fuel available
  • Provides - Protection for line break
  • Temperature - 0 - 60' F
  • Maximum Flow - 55 GPH
  • max Inlet Pressure - 40 PSI


Suntec PRV-OSV Valves


Tigerloop Oil De-aerator

More than just a problem solver!
Whether it's air elimination, nozzle coking problems, vacuum reduction, oil preheating, or just the elimination of that potentially leaky return line , Tigerloop is today's safe, economical choice for all oil supply systems.


  • Safely Handles suction line air leaks
  • Reduces running vacuum for clear, foam free oil at the nozzle
  • Removes air entrained in oil during transport or delivery
  • Eliminates potential leak hazard by eliminating the return line
  • Preheats oil for cleaner combustion
  • Extends filter element life
 Tigerloop Oil De-aerator

Misc. Pump Accessories

Copper Nozzle Lines

  • Replacement oil lines for oil burners
  • Includes copper tubing with flare nuts

Fittings and Bleed valves

  • Jiffy Bleed Valves and nozzle line fittings, we also have Oil Gauge connectors and Gauge Adapters

Oil Burner Couplings

  • Universal replacement, 3-piece coupling with high density plastic end pieces.
  • Requires no set screws, ends slide on shaft.
  • Flexible centre piece is self aligning and may be easily cut with a knife
  • Available in 5", 6" or 12" Kits or pieces can be sold individually

Bypass plugs & Pump Mounting Flanges for Suntec & Inglis

  • 1/8" NPT Bypass plug for Inglis
  • 1/16" NPT Bypass plug for Suntec
  • Foot mounted Models, or 2 holes, stepped down threaded/non threaded flanges



Misc. Pump Accessories